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Our Story

Prima Academy is a government approved school that provides arts and music education in the heart of Markham. We aim to develop our students' interest in music in a patient, attentive manner. We devote ourself to provide different music training classes for everyone who wants to seek higher level music performance. 


Prima Academy provides vocal, piano, violin, guitar, flute, drawing lessons and so on. In order to provide a more comprehensive art education, our studio provide students with different collaborative music groups, choir, and band to enhance their music performing skills in a team. Every year, we host a "Prima Academy competition" recital for students to perform in our own stage.


We do not only seek for learning in class but we also values the experience of performing. Prima Academy Education Centre often provides speeches from many professional musicians. Students are able to learn from these musicians and gain a better understanding in music performance. In our studio, teachers arrange for many opportunities for students to perform in different cities and countries, aiming to provide more on-stage experience to our students. 


Our teachers came from many different countries. They graduated from Tianjin's Conservatory of Music, Central Conservatory of Music, Xian's Conservatory of Music, and many other national music school of Europe and North America. They all have many years of music performing and teaching experience. Some of them are experts in music theories and music producing. 


For the past few years, our number of student had increased constantly. Under our inspiration, our students had made a great effort on their arts and music skills. Our students all made an excellent performance in the RCM examination and many other on-stage competitions. Furthermore, our students also play an important role in many different music groups to promote art development internationally. 

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