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If, for some reason, a lesson must be missed, please notify the teacher at least 24 hours in advance in order to be eligible for a make-up lesson.


The school shall not assume any financial responsibility for a student's absence(s). Monthly rates are flat fees, and shall not be lowered non refunded for missed lessons.

Requirements for lesson make-up eligibility:

1. Sickness or Family trips notified at least 24 hours in advance

2. Extra-curricular events such as a school concert



If a student and/or parent should decide to terminate lessons at any given time during the year, the studio requires a TWO WEEKS WRITTEN NOTICE. Regardless of when appropriate notice is given, such student/parent shall be financially responsible for the following two weeks/lessons, whether the student/parent chooses to attend or be absent.




All fees for lessons are pay in advance. Payment due in no later than the first day of each month.  PLEASE BE SURE TO REMIT BY THE ahead payment. Late payments upset the teacher’s personal bill-paying process as well as their personal income. It is necessary to ensure that these payments are received on time. If the payment isn’t received before new lessons. Lessons will be paused until the payment is received.




​The school reserves the right to terminate a student's lessons for the following infractions:


1. Inappropriate behavior toward the teacher on the part of the student. This includes violent outlashing, swearing, defamation of character, unacceptable advances or any other displays which fall outside the realm of common respect and decency.


2. Inappropriate behavior toward the teacher on the part of a student's parent(s). This includes all of the above.


3. Failure to pay monthly lessons in full.

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