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Prima International Music Competition(PIMC)

Competition Date: May 09-12/2024

Registration Deadline: April 29
Application Fee : 80 CAD


(Please Notice Student's Full name and Category)

Once the registration fee is transferred, it cannot be refunded or replaced in any way. Please keep the screenshot after the transfer, thank you! 

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Prima International Music Competition Instruction

Prima Academy Music Competition is open to performers ages 4-18. The Competition accepts and encourages beginner through advanced levels of performance and all styles of music.




Age & Levels

Participants enter by age, determined at the time of the application deadline. The competitors will be placed in the appropriate groups by age as well as by category.


 Performances & Awards

1.    All performers will receive a Certificate or trophy(only first place) of the music competition

2.     A polished performance of repertoire that matches a student's age and technical level will be awarded.


 Part 1: Instrument

1.    For instrument part, each student should prepare two different styles of music pieces

2.    All performances should be well prepared and preferably played from memory

3.    Contestants are to be dressed in concert attire


Part 2: Voice

1.    Each student should prepare 2 song 

2.    All acts should be well prepared and to be performed from memory.

Categories: Music Theatre/Pop Song/ Opera/ Solo/ Group

3.    Performers must choose age-appropriate songs (no offensive, violent, vulgar, etc language allowed)

4.    Performers are encouraged to dress in costume or concert attire.


Part 3

 1.    For international competitors, please submit a single take per piece video recordings, and frame the entire instrument and allow a clear view of the performer's head and hands at all times.


Our contest, 2023 Prima International Music Competition has come to an end, and the winners have been selected. 

We want to thank everyone who participated and helped make this competition a success! Stay tuned for our next competition!

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Group 1

1st Prize: 伍梓菡

2nd Prize: Iris Wang​,黄奕翔

3rd Prize: Sherwin Napier​, William Chen, Huizhuo Xu.

Group 3

1st Prize: 官昕琂

2nd Prize: Lucas Wen

3rd Prize: Wendy Mng

Group 5

1st Prize: 邱梓烨

2nd Prize: Faye Wang

3rd Prize: Daniel Barr

Group 7

1st Prize: 林书濠

2nd Prize: Nike Mu

3rd Prize: Kerrie Liu

Group 9

1st Prize: 刘凯林

2nd Prize: Shing Hin Rory

3rd Prize: 何声晨

Group 11

1st Prize: 成娅莉

2nd Prize: Bonnie Gu

3rd Prize: Cindy Yang

Group 13

1st Prize: Claire Gou

2nd Prize: Skyler Guo

3rd Prize: Yijun Wang

Group 2

1st Prize: Lucas Li

2nd Prize: Kelly Lu

3rd Prize: Shanaya Sahay

Group 4

1st Prize: 吉梓慧

2nd Prize: Oiliva Chen

3rd Prize: Cici Bao

Group 6

1st Prize: 林紫琪

2nd Prize: 章博文

3rd Prize: 张浚哲

Group 8

1st Prize: Vicky Guo

2nd Prize: May Ling

3rd Prize: Lucy Ma

Group 10

1st Prize: Cecilia Wang

2nd Prize: Qianyu Liu, 张继轩

3rd Prize: 章馨予

Group 12

1st Prize: Dainel Wang

2nd Prize: John Fu

3rd Prize: Lucas Qin

Group 14

1st Prize: Kailin Liu

2nd Prize: Qinqin Li

3rd Prize: Oliver Qian

Vocal Group

1st Prize: Skyler Guo, Claire Guo

2nd Prize: Serina Guo, Grace Chen, Alina Wang

3rd Prize: Ellen Zhang, Ruirui Chen

Vocal Solo

Group 1

1st Prize: Vicky Guo

2nd Prize: Panyu Yan

3rd Prize: Micky Li

Group 3

1st Prize: Iris Wang

2nd Prize: 燕泮妤

3rd Prize: Cindy BoBo

Group 5

1st Prize: Claire Guo

2nd Prize: Allen Su

3rd Prize: Muhu Kang

Group 7

1st Prize: Skyler Guo

2nd Prize: Cinri Xu, Angelina Zhao

3rd Prize: Andy Yang

Group 9

1st Prize: Alice Yan

2nd Prize: Branda Mu Fu

3rd Prize: Gu Jia

Group 11

1st Prize: Benison Jiang

2nd Prize: Cinda Mend 

3rd Prize: Bend Qui

Group 2

1st Prize: Leran Kuk

2nd Prize: Audrey Huang

3rd Prize: Kailash Cheng

Group 4

1st Prize: Summer Chen

2nd Prize: LuLu Ho

3rd Prize: Olivia Chen

Group 6

1st Prize: Youngia Cheng

2nd Prize: Fiona Mao

3rd Prize: Jonathan Huang

Group 8

1st Prize: Jackie Lu

2nd Prize: Han Yao

3rd Prize: Fiona Liu

Group 10

1st Prize: Arthur Jia

2nd Prize: FiFi Lan

3rd Prize: Mendy Wen


Group 1

1st Prize: Nathan Li

2nd Prize: Olivia Fan

3rd Prize: John Fu

Group 2

1st Prize: Mia Qiao

2nd Prize: Huan Hin Ni

3rd Prize: Nancy Gui


1st Prize: Aaron Lin

2nd Prize: Jessie Jiang

3rd Prize: Uyki Giku


1st Prize: Ryan Yu

2nd Prize: Lucas Chen

3rd Prize: HuJia Wei


Group 1

1st Prize: Clara Chen

2nd Prize: Charis Chung

3rd Prize: Mon Rebac

Group 3

1st Prize: Sam Sabolo

2nd Prize: Amanda Chai

3rd Prize: Gyeo Ren 

Group 2

1st Prize: Emily Liu

2nd Prize: Dan Bo

3rd Prize: ViVi Song

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