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Welcome to Prima Academy Studio Rentals!

Embark on your creative journey by renting our versatile and spacious studios. To secure your booking, follow these simple steps:

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Payment Terms

  1. Full Payment:

    • To confirm your studio rental, full payment is required upon booking.

    • Payments will not be accepted on the day of the rental.

  2. Payment Methods:

    • We offer convenient payment options:

      • Over the Phone: Visa, MasterCard, and Debit Visa payments can be made over the phone.

      • In-Person: You may visit our location and pay in cash in advance.

  3. Cancellation Fees:

    • Please be aware that cancellation fees apply. Ensure you are familiar with our cancellation policy.

  4. Studio Rental Agreement:

    • Prior to utilizing the studio, a comprehensive rental agreement must be signed.

    • The agreement outlines terms and conditions, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all parties involved.

More Details

Perfect for a Variety of Events:

Our studio is suitable for a diverse range of occasions, including but not limited to:

Birthday Parties

Music Events, Concerts, or Recitals

Celebrations of Life

Wedding Showers

Baby Showers

Music Classes


Corporate Meetings


Yoga and Dance Studios

Finding parking is a breeze at Prima Academy!

  • Our front door accommodates up to 50 cars.

  • The surrounding parking lot offers space for over 300 vehicles.

For a harmonious experience, please adhere to our house rules:

  • No smoking inside the building.

  • Outside catering is not permitted.

  • No pets allowed.

  • Food and drinks are welcome at all times.

  • Location: Conveniently situated at Markham, with a spacious 5000 sq.ft. area.

  • Accessibility: The entire space is wheelchair accessible.

  • Parking: Capacity for over 300 vehicles.

  • Liquor License: Fully licensed for your enjoyment.

  • Music Hall: Accommodates up to 100 people.

  • Facilities: Strong Wi-Fi, professional lighting, and premium speakers.

We are available seven days a week, offering both daytime and evening slots to accommodate your schedule.

¡Veamos qué podemos hacer!

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